About Us


Inspiring Play for all, through Canadian made playgrounds, splash pad design and build, park amenities as well as custom steel park shelters and shade sail structures.

We offer the opportunity for public and private institutions to work closely in the development of their play space, keeping all children and caregiver’s needs in mind.

When someone has the chance to create their vision, there is a sense of pride and ownership that gets passed onto their kids and the community.

Create what you imagine!

How can we be of service?
How can we be of service?

Christina Venchiarutti-Doracin,

Your play-space consultant

Stemming from the successful Venchiarutti family of land and residential development, Christina benefited from an understanding of the construction industry from an early age. This, combined with 25 years of sales and operational experience in marketing and design, it provided the perfect platform to create Inspire Play Inc. in 2014.

"I'm very passionate about building and creating something that will benefit generations. Outdoor playground equipment and park amenities are essential to the positive development of children's overall health and wellness. It assists in the reduction of bullying in school yards and creates memories for families and communities.

My driving focus is inclusion; to inspire play for all."